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San Diego, CA 92117

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About First Class Travel

Merris Gold-Drew, Owner -
I am delighted to be the owner of First Class Travel since we opened in 1997. One of the experiences I enjoy the most are the numerous clients that return to us for their future travel planning. I enjoy the personal interaction and stories from so many wonderful vacations. First Class Travel takes great care in personalizing your travel so you will be delighted on each and every trip. With my personal travel to places like Greece, Japan, The Caribbean, New Zealand and the Hawaiian Islands, to name a few, I can provide many detailed experiences to your own travel. On behalf of myself and very personable staff, we look forward to welcoming new and returning clients back for at least another 20 years!

Donna Caruso, Manager -
Creating the right travel experience for my clients is exhilarating. With over 20 years of experience, I look forward to all destination and vacation challenges. It is always rewarding to hear from my clients what a wonderful vacation they had upon their return home! The right agent putting together the right package for you is essential. I travel whenever I can, gaining personal knowledge to pass along to you, our valued clients. Some of the amazing international destinations I have experienced are Costa Rica, Turkey, Mexico, Cook Islands, Canada, New Zealand, Dubai and various Caribbean Islands. As well as many American destinations like Seattle, New York, Miami, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Alaska, the Hawaiian Islands and many more. From short getaways to bucket list destinations, I can personalize your vacation with care. My dream is to make your dream vacation come true!